2016 Masthead

I received this Special Judges Award at the 2015 Quaker Arts Festival for one of my large 5-room birdhouses.

Below, gett'in a little press
at the Lockport Fair.
where do i get corks
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As houses are completed, they will be added to the appropriate section of this website. I generally start with single, double and hanging wren houses.   Check back every few weeks to see what's new. I was nearly sold out at Lockport and at Canal Fest, making my current stock low.

I just added five single hangers (sold out at Canal Fest).

Lewiston Garden Festival - June 18 & 19
Lockport Craft Festival - June 25 & 26  11AM to 5PM
Canal Fest - July 23 & 24 - N. Tonowanda
Quaker Arts Festival - September 17th and 18th 10 to 4PM