When we're at a festival with my bird houses, I always get half a dozen people stopping by who have one or more of my houses and they tell me how the house is holding up and usually tell stories about the new baby chicks they had that season. Its great fun!
"We bought a house from you five years ago and get birds every year! I now build my own birdhouses, but birds won't go in them! They only seem to like your house! You do a good job understanding what the birds want." [Lockport Optimist Club Craft Fair.]

:Hi Dave, I bought one of the new limited addition houses. About 3 hours after my husband put it up, birds were already making a nest in it. We now have 3 of your houses and are enjoying watching the birds go in and out. Each is home to a different type of bird; chickadees, house finches and wrens." [Lewiston Garden Festival.]

"Dear Mr. Mckenna, here's your latest shipment of Texas corks. I have all my friends saving them now and would be happy to see a mention of Texas on your web site. I would like to reserve one of your award-winning houses for my dad who lives in Lewiston. It would make a terrific Father's Day gift!"

"Your birdhouse looks much better hanging from my tree. I've already had some birds investigate. Thank you, I love the birdhouse!"
[Lockport Optimist Club Craft Fair.]

"We love our birdhouse. We had a bird, a wren I think, I checked a bird book. He'd sat inside with his head sticking out of the hole and looked all around, then popped back inside. Then he'd stick his head out again, we loved to watch him (or her). Sometimes he would sit outside on his perch and look all around like he was surveying his kingdom. Then he'd flit into a tree and back. It was great!  We enjoyed him so much!" [Lockport Optimist Club Craft Fair.]

"We bought one from you last year and gave to it my husband's dad as a gift and he loved it. It's in his backyard and he's already had babies!" [Lockport Optimist Club Craft Fair.]

"I bought a hanging one from you at the Harvest Festival last year. It still looks great. And its such a conversation piece."
[Lewiston Harvest Festival.]

"I bought a birdhouse from you three years ago, it has weathered great. We get birds each season and always have chirping chicks. The color is beginning to fade a little though." (I reminded her to protect the house with a soild coat of clear polyurathane or varnish each year.) [Lewiston Harvest Festival.]

"My children bought a feeder from you last year and gave it to me as a gift. I love it! I'll remember to take it inside in the winter and coat it again like you said." [Lewiston Harvest Festival.]

"We bought our first birdhouse from you at the Home Show, then a double at the Lockport Craft Festival. Both houses, even the double were full of families this summer!  Now we're back for two more, one to use as a donation and the bird feeder as a Christmas gift. We'll be back again, we love-um! [Home sale.]




At the Buffalo Home Show I had a built a  birdhouse that I named "This Old Birdhouse" which  I gave it to Kevin O'Connor, host of "This Old House."  Kevin was a guest speaker at the show.