Single Wren Houses are "nesting boxes" for most types of wrens, chickadees, nuthatch and downy woodpeckers. This year I have three styles to select from. The houses are solidly built using construction grade hot glue, nails and screws. All roofs are cedar and are removable for seasonal cleaning. Basically the only differences are the cork trim and the type of wood used. Most mount on a post, some to a wall (flatback). 


house detail




NEW THIS YEAR IS MY SHANTY HOUSE: The sloaping sides give this house a whimsical appearance to make you and the birds smile! They are built from barnwood and old furniture. The cedar roofs come off for seasonal cleaning by removing two wooden pins. The starting cost for these houses is $49.00. Sizes, cork trim and roof design vary to give each house its own individual look.
SDH-002Tall218-002SBH-003      std3